Ceremony Venue Address
This is when the ceremony itself begins, not when music or cocktails or any other sort of pre-ceremony event that may be noted on your invitations.

Agreement to Terms Regarding Ceremony Start Time

REGARDING EXACT START TIMES: If you provided me with an exact start time and that time changes, you MUST notify me immediately. There have been occasions where couples have changed their start time without notifying me, and because of conflicts with other ceremonies (those ceremonies being booked based on what I thought was the correct start time), as you might imagine, it causes extraordinary problems for all involved. So please notify me of any change in time right away!

REGARDING APPROXIMATE START TIMES: If you're still unsure of when the ceremony will begin, please give me your best guess and notify me immediately once you've finalized the time. I will still allow couples to book dates with approximate start times, but I ask as a courtesy that you finalize your start time as quickly as possible, as approximate start times frequently preclude me from booking other business.

Agreement to Terms Regarding Rehearsal Attendance

REGARDING REHEARSAL DATES & TIMES: If your rehearsal date or time changes, OR if you have a tentative date and/or time that has not yet been firmed up, you MUST notify me immediately when the new information becomes available. The sooner I'm aware, the more likely it is that I'll be able to attend.

REGARDING MY ATTENDANCE AT YOUR REHEARSAL: Please refer to my rehearsal policy (which opens in a new window) for details regarding my attendance at your rehearsal.