Christian and Meghan first ran into each other on a street corner in Geneva, Switzerland. And when I say ran into each other, I mean they literally collided with one another as they each rounded the street corner. It was early morning, and the two had just wrapped up an evening of dancing and revelry with their respective groups of friends. Christian was on his way to find a breakfast with strong hangover prevention properties, while Meghan was en route to the nearby lakefront for an early morning dip. Christian was wearing his favorite yellow hoodie, and Meghan was wearing her only yellow cardigan. (My yellow tie is to commemorate the occasion of their meeting.) Meghan got her bearings quickly after the collision, gave her very brief acquaintance the once over, and thought to herself – good looking guy, we're both wearing yellow – why not ask him to join me for a swim? Christian graciously accepted the offer, but only to accompany her on the excursion to the lake and not the exercise of swimming itself – Meghan only learned later of his extreme aversion to cold. And so the two chatted while Meghan swam and Christian kept an eye on her belongings. When she finished, gentleman that he his, Christian offered her his hoodie to warm her up. He then invited her back to his place to throw her wet clothes in the tumble dryer. He was growing rather fond of his new friend, and wanted to keep chatting her up. And, in the event that he was totally misreading the vibe, he wanted to at least make sure he got his favorite yellow hoodie back. Which he did. With a wife inside.