As a culture we tend to imagine the world’s great love stories begin in luxurious or unusual places, like a café in Paris or a white sand beach in the Caribbean. But love isn’t picky about where it chooses to manifest itself. For Nick and Laura, it was downright banal – it was at the office. And while the setting may have been commonplace, the journey that led them here is a fascinating one. They met a decade ago, when Nick's new job and Laura's internship had a brief months-long overlap. And when her internship ended, it took them six years to reconnect at that same office. Perhaps the only disappointment in their relationship was realizing what they'd been missing all those years. That relationship endured an amazing trial when Laura was offered what she describes as her dream job – in Austin, Texas. The two decided that neither their burgeoning romance nor this dream job were opportunities they could ignore, and so they made the thing work that everyone will tell you never does – the long distance relationship. Here's how they described it to me: “It was tough as (let's say fudge) but we endured and grew even closer despite the thousand-some miles between us.” The Lebanese-American poet Kahlil Gibran once stated a beautiful truth that Nick and Laura know all too well: “Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”