As many of you well know, we stand here today in the presence of rock and roll greatness. In front of me and to my left stands one half of the rock outfit known as The Missing, with one Rick Ksiazka on bass and one Christopher Marinin on guitar and lead vocals. And in front of me and to my right stands, inarguably, The Missing's biggest fans – the lovely Tarra and Christopher's sisters Julie and Jill. It was amid this group that Rick and Tarra first got to know one another. Tarra referred to the three of them as the “cool younger sisters” that followed the band avidly while they were in their mid-teens, but says it wasn't until she turned 21 that she and Rick really got to know each other because, in her words, that was when “I was actually able to drink and party with the band.” For over a decade, it was clear to everyone that the two shared a deep attraction, but fate had other plans for them for well over a decade after they'd met – neither of them ever seemed to be single at the same time. But the two used this time wisely, nurturing a deep and meaningful friendship while they found their way to this beautiful moment in their lives today.